Tragedy Averted at the Everglades Club!

At the Friday Everglades Club meeting we experienced a terrible and unfortunate event.
 Our Keurig Coffee Machine stopped functioning.
Multiple attempts to get it to dispense its magical brew failed leaving many of our members in the midst of mass caffeine detox. A vision I care not to share with the weak of heart.
Virgil was the only lucky one to walk away with a fresh cup of coffee. Of course he made a lot of friends quickly, but never shared that wonderful elixir! Who can blame him….Although I think we should consider vote on weather or not he should be banned from future meetings. That may give someone else a chance to win the 50/50 !!! *:) happy
Once all club members relocated somewhere else to get their daily fix, the Keurig was carefully, and skillfully I might add, placed into the back of a Starbukulance and transported to Keurig General here in Homestead.
Upon arrival it was taken in by skilled and compassionate staff members. A complete and comprehensive diagnostic exam was performed. The stumped staff reached out to a world class specialist, Dr. YouTube. The good doctor indicated that this condition occurs quite frequently on those that ingest large quantities of mineral rich water. Keurig basically needed its artery’s cleaned. After a vinegar enema (ouch) and some poking and prodding with various sharp objects, our Keurig is now back in good health.
Keurig is asking anyone that wishes to send flowers and cards to save the money until the next meeting and donate it to the club.
See you all on Field Day