EARC Net Cancelled

For the first time since 2013 the EARC net will be cancelled….It just so happens that the net falls on the 4th of July.
Enjoy celebrating the most signifigant American Holiday ever in which we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, proclaiming to the world our separation from Great Britain and our emergence as a new sovereign nation, as we state in the pledge to our flag, “under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

The Declaration stated unequivocally: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.

Those few words sum up the divine source of our unalienable rights and our philosophy of government. Nothing quite so revolutionary had been proclaimed anywhere by any people. The United States of America, Our home, your home is the freest, most creative, productive, and richest nation in the history of mankind.
Enjoy the fireworks and picnics, and time with your families. But remember why it is such a celebrated holiday and thank those , military and civilian, that have served and are currently serving to protect us and the values of our nation.
God Bless America!

ARRL National Field Day 2017

Another great Field Day in the books!

We logged 50+ attendees!

Operated as a 4-Alpha SFL with the 1×1 call sign W4A.

Saturday was a bit slow for phone contacts, but you could hear the mellow sounds of CW echoing throughout from the tent of our CW guru Frank Gudicello (K2TVY) making contact after contact!

Sunday early morning (@ 02:00) North America was commanded by Pete Reyes (KM4RHC) and Doug Mejia (KM4RHE) on 40 meters. They dug in and managed an awesome pile-up making coast to coast contacts.

Then not long after sunrise Sunday while Pete and Doug were recovering, 6 meters began to scream and Bill Appelton (KG2CS) and his wife Margarita (KN4CVW) managed close to 100 contacts during that brief opening!

Red Cross demonstrated setting up their satellite emergency communications system and setting up their informational booth. Thank You Armando Flores (KC4LYD) and staff. The Red Cross Local Chapter Communications Director Eddy Rodriguez (KC4CFK) and his assistants Doral Police Officer Luis Pinion (KI4VEY) and Valeiano Budles (KK4PHH) was on site providing support and encouragement. Luis and Valeiano are the voices of the ever popular Tuesday Night Red Cross Net.

Our A.R.R.L. Section Manager Jeff Beals ( WA4AW) and Asst. Section Manager Barry Porter (KB1PA) presented the club with a certificate commemorating 55 years of service with the ARRL. We also enjoyed their company during lunch. They especially enjoyed the Imperial Rice and Plantains donated by the Dade Radio Club.

Dade Radio Clubs President Julio Herrera (KK4KMO) with his iconic “hamwagon” was there supporting the Field Day Operation. Julio got us 100 points making contacts while using solar power!

Joanne Carbana (KG4GKU) Dade Radio Club Corporate Secretary and Elected Official (Community Council / Zoning Appeals Board Member) stopped by and hung out for awhile….Thanks Joanne for that extra 100 points!!

Miami Dade County RACES officer Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK) and Asst. RACES Officer Robert Hernandez (KM4JAT) were onsite also.

Thank You John Vecchio (KG4ACN) for keeping the .835 repeater up and running. Its reliability has made it the most popular and essential amateur radio repeater in the county.

I know there were many other highlights, great conversations and interactions between the visitors, members and amateur radio operators. You all define what this hobby is about. Field Day is not just a demonstration of emergency communications abilities, this gathering is also a testament of dedication, compassion and comradeship within the ham radio community. Thank you for making this field day and this hobby/service a memorable and worthwhile endeavor for all radio amateurs.


Until Next Year,
Yours In Amateur Radio
Steve Taylor
EARCH President

Tragedy Averted at the Everglades Club!

At the Friday Everglades Club meeting we experienced a terrible and unfortunate event.
 Our Keurig Coffee Machine stopped functioning.
Multiple attempts to get it to dispense its magical brew failed leaving many of our members in the midst of mass caffeine detox. A vision I care not to share with the weak of heart.
Virgil was the only lucky one to walk away with a fresh cup of coffee. Of course he made a lot of friends quickly, but never shared that wonderful elixir! Who can blame him….Although I think we should consider vote on weather or not he should be banned from future meetings. That may give someone else a chance to win the 50/50 !!! *:) happy
Once all club members relocated somewhere else to get their daily fix, the Keurig was carefully, and skillfully I might add, placed into the back of a Starbukulance and transported to Keurig General here in Homestead.
Upon arrival it was taken in by skilled and compassionate staff members. A complete and comprehensive diagnostic exam was performed. The stumped staff reached out to a world class specialist, Dr. YouTube. The good doctor indicated that this condition occurs quite frequently on those that ingest large quantities of mineral rich water. Keurig basically needed its artery’s cleaned. After a vinegar enema (ouch) and some poking and prodding with various sharp objects, our Keurig is now back in good health.
Keurig is asking anyone that wishes to send flowers and cards to save the money until the next meeting and donate it to the club.
See you all on Field Day