EARC Winter QSO Party 2017

February 25th came and went, but we sure had a blast. A great turn out with over 25 HAMS participating in the event, I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success. Steve W1HQl started things off early with a slew of contacts on the 20-meter band that was just phenomenal! Bill KG2CS promptly set up his Mosley 3 Element Beam with some duck tape and straps and killed it on 17 meters before calling it a day later on in the afternoon but not without leaving his veteran antenna behind for all of us to enjoy.

The Hamlets also made themselves present and made a statement that they were in for the long haul after setting up what look like a massive tent where the entire Sleppy clan spent the night. Armed with a tripod sporting a mast and 2-meter antenna, Tim KM4DFR and the hamlets had their dual band VHF/UHF radio running on solar power in now time. The Sleppy team consisted of Tim (KM4DFR), Kyle (KM4GGE), Taylor (KM4GGF), Kendall, Talor, Ty (KM4DFP) and Yane (KM4DFQ). Veterans of the camping environment, this crew made hot meals over a camp stove, Hot Cocoa, and campfire style music with the naturally talented Yane Sleppy on the guitar and vocals. Seeing families like this setup is what it’s all about.

Shortly behind the Hamlets was John (KK4QKL) aka “The Professor” with his “Hamified” Mini Cooper. In a matter of minutes before most people can even come and say hello John had a 5 person tent, tripod and antenna and was ready to transmit in record time! Operating from his favorite spot (Behind the Driver’s Seat), John made various contacts on D-Star and 20 Meters with countries such as Venezuela, Costa Rica and Chile.

A relatively new family to the Amateur Radio scene, the Mejia family arrived and setup camp in quick order. Armed with a five person tent this family of 4 setup their self-contained off grid communications outpost outfitted with an ICom IC-5100 Analog/Digital VHF/UHF D-Star 50W radio. Doug (KM4RHE) now celebrating his 1 year as a licensed amateur radio operator and his lovely wife Jen which recently got her ticket just a few short months ago.

Field day 2017 is just around the corner and there is no doubt it will be bigger and better as we keep the momentum rolling forward with more contacts and better turn outs.